Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I feel like this post is a little of everything ~ outfit of the day, fall home decor and some Halloween goodness. We've skipped handing out candy for about 5 years now. Our neighborhood (in Florida) just didn't see that many kids. However, we are looking forward to it this year being in a new house and new neighborhood with kids! Had to add a little something out front. I was going to go nuts with the spider webbing but it's rained up until the last few days and I didn't feel like putting it up for one day only to take it down November 1st. My hubby and I HATE frogs but thought this flag was too cute to pass up. Game Day. What can I say about this years' football season? If you've been a follower of mine for a while then you know I'm a huge lover of College Football and of course The Florida Gators. It's been a heartbreaking season with four losses in a row to say the least. Especially when we were on top just a few years ago winning two National Championships within three years! Regargless, "in all kinds of weather" we still support and suit up for games. This is what I wore this past weekend for the Georgia/Florida game. Over the weekend I feel like I hit the fall table decor jackpot while at Walmart. We went there looking for a slow cooker. Bought the Crock Pot 6qt Cook & Carry for $24! While looking at the Better Homes & Garden section of table decor, I came across really cute pumpkin and leaf shaped plates, bowls, etc. I picked up chargers and plates for around $3 each. I really want to go back and get a table runner and leaf serving bowls. Everything was so cute and priced really well! xo~C

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leopard Meets Casual

It's been pretty cool here in the South so I took advantage of it and broke out the new riding boots and sweater. Probably my two favorite fall pieces. Both are new but I can already tell I'm going to wear them out. :) I LOVE sweaters! The t-shirt you've seen before (I swear I've only worn it one other time) but thought it was cute with this. I was dying to wear the leopard print scarf as well so why not throw it on, too?! I was very comfy in this but felt it had some style. xo~C Sweater: Kohls (current) Boots: Bandalino (DSW) Ponte Leggings: Target T-shrit: NY&Co Watch: Gold Fossil Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ulta Total Eclipse

Nail of the Day... Total Eclipse by Ulta Professional Not too much to say about this color. It's a dark blue but looks almost black on the nails. I actually prefer the color in the bottle better, it's a dark blue-gray. But maybe it's for the best since I typically can't pull off blue polish. It wears pretty good although it did start to chip after making dinner and washing up some wine glasses. Not bad though. This was not my best polishing job by far, lol. xo~C

Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Phyto botanical hair relaxing balm

Where to begin with this product? It has me stumped. I read a few reviews on the Phyto botanical hair relaxing balm and thought "that's just what I need". Get it home, try it for the first time, meh. I normally let my hair air dry but that time I needed to blow dry and style right away. It felt as if I had a lot of product in my hair even though I had only used a nickel to quarter sized amount. Try #2 - I was able to let my hair air dry like normal. It felt "crispy" on the ends like I had put mousse in it. Keep in mind, both times my hair did not feel or look "relaxed" as it says on the tube. Try #3 - I added a small amount of leave-in conditioner. Thought this would surely take care of the "crispy" feel it had before. I let it air dry as normal. Still meh about the results. Ok, so by now I've used this product a handful of times, I'd say maybe 5. While it does tame down some of my frizz (my hair is naturally wavy/frizzy) I was hoping for more of a WOW factor and more relaxing. I still had to flat iron my hair if I wanted it really straight. It did look good enough to go out without any heat products though after brushing through with my fingers. Just not the results I'd expect with the name and the $26 (3.3fl oz) price tag! I will continue to use it but will not re-purchase. xo~C

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sally Hansen Wined Up

Nail of the Day... "Wined Up" Insta-Dry by Sally Hansen I love fall and everything about it. This one is such a classic fall color. I've had it in my collection for a few years now and always wear it this time of year. It doesn't hurt that this years trends are jewel-toned colors. This is a great wine tone/cranberry color. These photos are with one coat. That's one of the reason's I gravitate towards this brand: great pigmentation with one coat, easy application and dries quickly. What are some of your fall favorites? xo~C
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