Thursday, November 10, 2011

Makeup Storage

Hi everyone! These are the pictures from my updated makeup storage/collection video. Here is the link to the video.
I thought some may want to see the Muji drawers or vanity up close.
Vanity: KMart Online Bench: Bed, Bath & Beyond Mirror: Cosco Muji Storage:


  1. Oh my jesus love love love your set up!

  2. where did you buy your white table?

  3. The Concealer Palette is a must!! for dark circles or blemishes apply after foundation or tinted moisturiser for the best results. In photos too much shine looks sweaty, even if you want a dewy look keep your t-zone mat. Competently sweep a little Universal Yellow Powder over your t-zone. Makeup

  4. Did u get vanity at Kmart? Really cute

  5. Yes, but many years ago. I don't use it as a vanity now. I have a new one. I use this as a desk in our guest bedroom.

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