Friday, January 27, 2012

OPI Pink Friday

Pink Friday by OPI

Nail of the Day ~ Pink Friday by OPI. This color is from the newly released Niki Minage Nicki Minaj collection. I've seen this color quite a bit lately on other nail posts and videos. I have to say I was a little surprised when I came upon it in person at Ulta. It was much brighter than expected. Even in some photos I took, it appeared a more pastel pink. Far from it! On the nails it comes off at almost "neon". It's a nice, bright pink though.

Here's my issue with it. The formula. This particular one has the larger brush. Which by the way, usually doesn't bother me in other brands. However, I have never cared for it with OPI. I know you either like it or don't so I wanted to mention that. Ok, back to the formula. The first coat goes on nicely and pretty opaque. The second coat gave me a little more trouble. It can get streaky if you're not careful or apply too thick. I did get a few small streaks on the nails that have ridges. Something to keep in mind.

Artificial Light
Natural Light

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Pink Lips!

I've become sort of obsessed with pink lips lately. And not just any pink, bright pink! This is out of my comfort zone for sure. I usually stick with nudes and lighter shades of pink. Maybe it's the winter weather and lack of sunshine that has me gravitating towards these bright colors. Whatever the reason, I'm enjoying branching out. These three are my most recent purchases.

L to R: Maybelline Color Sensational in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia, L'Oreal Infallible 6 HR in Bloom, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

This is a great one to start out with if you are just venturing into the world of brighter pink lips. Gives a pop of color without being too bold. The formula is a tad thick but does last a long time depending on what you are eating/drinking.

This is a great mid-tone bright pink. Not too shocking but more pink than the one before. My only issue with the Lip Butters is the name. You automatically think this is going to be a lip balm type of product. Not so. I actually think they are nice first going on but can get very drying within 1-2 hours of wear time.

And lastly, the WOW factor! This shade is not for the timid. This is a get noticed lip color for sure. For as bright as it is, it's actually very wearable and I think would look great on a lot of different skin tones, hair colors, etc. It's shockingly pink when you first open the tube. It took some getting used to on my part. If it's a tad too bright, I suggest blotting most of it off with a tissue. You're then left with a nice stain. And I mean stain. This stuff is hard to get off even when you're trying to at the end of the day. The more I wear it, the more I get used to the color and like how it brightens up my face and the rest of my outfit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Essie Limited Addiction

Nail of the Day ~ Limited Addiction by Essie

I'm loving my nail of the day/week! This one is Limited Addiction by Essie and it's such a classic, great red shade. If you're tired of wearing dark polishes but can't quite bring yourself to pull out the pinks just yet - wear red! Red gives you that pop of color without looking to spring-like in the dead of winter. This one is wearing pretty well. I've had it on for a few days now and minus a few chips I got while cleaning the shower, it's held up well. It's usually hit or miss with me and Essie polish.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunshine During the Rain

Ahhh the weather. It's been so gloomy here in the South lately. We'll have a few days of sunshine and then rain and or cold for days. An odd winter for sure. On this day it was starting to drizzle but thankfully it wasn't too cold. I thought the pop of yellow would put me in a good mood. It worked! Because of the rain, I didn't bother doing anything to my hair though. (it shows, I know, lol) The Hubby and I went out for some spring shopping. We started to get caught in the rain. Wasn't thinking when I put on my favorite pair of sparkly flats.

Shirt: JCrew, Sweater: JCP (old), Jeans: Kohls, Shoes: Kathy Van Zeeland c/o QVC, Bag: Mondalu "Pippa", Earrings: Macy's, Watch: Fossil

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi everyone! Sorry this post has taken me so long to get up. I purchased this shampoo and conditioner about a week ago at Walgreens. I paid under $4 each for both. There is an entire line of the new Keratin Infusion products: shampoo/conditioner, dry shampoo and a 30-day smoothing kit. I knew I only wanted to try the shampoo/conditioner. Plus that, the treatment can only be used on a very small group of people (no bleach, color treated, etc.). There are two types of shampoo/conditioners - one for color treated (the one I have) and a dry/damaged version. THE SHAMPOO CLAIMS (back of the bottle): This lower sulfate, pH-balanced shampoo, formulated with KERALOCK technology gently cleanses to help keep color vibrant, infuses keratin inside the hair fiber and provides lasting smoothness. -vibrant hair -frizz control for up to 48 hours -smooth & manageable hair LATHER: I don't know about you, but lather is very important to me. I know sulfate-free and lower sulfate shampoos don't lather much but I still like it to. This one does. Not a ton but enough for me to feel like it's cleaning my hair. My hair actually felt smooth while rinsing. I can normally tell if I'm going to like a shampoo during the rinse stage.
THE CONDITIONER CLAIMS (back of the bottle): This deep nourishing conditioner formulated with KERALOCK technology, infuses keratin and seals the hair cuticle from the outside. Enriched with UV complex to help prevent color from fading. -long lasting color -frizz control for up to 48 hours -smooth & manageable hair *Shampoo & conditioner system vs. Kerastase Reflective Bain Miroir shampoo & Chroma Reflect Masque. MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: I like it! My hair was very smooth after using both products. I only wash my hair every 2-3 days and I would say it stayed smooth for the entire time. I have semi-wavy frizzy hair that is color treated. It's also pretty fine even though I have quite a bit of hair. I try not to blow dry my hair if possible. Both times I used these products, I didn't blow dry. My hair had very little frizz after using my usual styling product (Redkin Velvet Gelatin). While these are great smoothing products, they might weigh down fine or thinning hair. Just something to keep in mind.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Revlon Foxy

My nail of the week is Revlon's Foxy. I chose this color because it looked really unique in the bottle and I was pretty sure I didn't have anything close to it in my already huge collection. This polish was located in the new Revlon polish displays where most of the bottles are marked "New Shade". Now if your a polish lover like I am, then you know that most of these shades were just renamed from previous collections. However, I don't recall this one so it very well could be new. It's new to me anyway. :) This is sort of an odd shade to describe. In the bottle it looks very brownish-purple. Very unique. I don't think that comes off on the nail though. Depending on what type of lighting you're in, it just looks brown with shimmer on the nails. Kinda boring but a nice dark shade nonetheless.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Leopard

I bought this dress back in the summer but hadn't had a chance to wear it. I knew when I bought it that it would be a great all-year around dress. I could wear it in the warmer months with strappy heels or pumps. Or pair it with tights, booties and a blazer like I have here. This one will be going with us on our cruise next month for sure. I love the slight olive green color it has. Makes it a tad different and more wearable (in my opinion) than a normal leopard print dress. I did make the mistake of going out into the yard (for sun) and of course got my heels stuck. Nice. Of course that in turn made my legs looks super short. (remembering this for next time)I've shown the shoes in a few OOTD before.
Dress: Kohls (last season), Blazer: (old), Tights: Assets, Booties: MeToo c/o DSW, Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

Review: Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in Moonlit

Happy Monday everyone! If you've been the the drugstore lately, you've probably seen the displays for the new Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quads. They claim to have 16 hr wear time and come in a range of colors from brights to neutrals. I picked up #555 Moonlit for myself recently and here are the swatches and my thoughts.
Top: shimmery pale white, shimmery true taupe
Bottom: satin nude, satin dark brown with a hint of green

After being swatched. Yes, I got my nail into the nude shade. I took this photo to show the texture of the shadows.

swatched with no flash, no primer

In the pan, these colors are beautiful neutrals, which are my favorite kind. I called the top two shades "shimmer" because they are not quite a frost but do have more of a sheen/shimmer than the bottom two shades. The bottom two weren't quite matte. I'd say more of a satin but someone else may think differently. Either way, it's a nice change from most drugstore palettes which are normally all shimmer.
The color payoff w/out a primer isn't that good except for the darkest shade. I think that's the case with most shadows though. I always suggest using a primer. You'll get the truest color, not to mention making your shadows last longer. I did wear this quad for the first time yesterday. I wasn't overly impressed. I have other Revlon Colorstay shadows (in the older form) and think they perform much better. As I've found in more than one case, the taupe shade is sort of "gritty" to the touch and looks better in the pan. If you've tried any of the new quads, let me know what you think of them.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Revlon Raisin Rage

Nail of the Day ~ Raisin Rage by Revlon

Happy Friday everyone! If you saw my recent haul video, you saw this really pretty polish. It's Raisin Rage by Revlon. I'm really enjoying it. It's a great color for most skin tones in my opinion. A great raspberry-type color. One of those where I keep sneaking a peak at my nails. I purchased this one at the CVS 75% off sale earlier this month. What a deal! Please excuse the not-so-hot manicure. Since it's so cold lately, my nails have been suffering. You get the idea though.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

 I admit this wasn't my favorite meal growing up. (I now love it) Still, green peppers don't like me all that much. I do much better with yellow or red. So, by all means, make this with your favorite.

 I usually try to make this somewhat healthy by using brown rice and ground turkey or at least lean ground beef. This helps because my Husband usually wants mashed potatoes with it! I also eye-ball most ingredients and only use recipes so I will not forget to add anything.


 4-6 Green Peppers (or yellow/orange) I don't recommend red for this
1 lb lean ground beef or ground turkey (I use ground turkey)
1 small onion, minced
10-15 crushed Ritz Crackers
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 cup cooked brown rice
¼ (eyeball it) cup water
½ jar tomato sauce (or more if you like)
1 small clove garlic, minced


Total Cooking Time: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes Preheat oven to 350
 Cut peppers in halves lengthwise, remove seed and cores. Mix raw meat, onion, crackers, salt, pepper, cooked rice, garlic, a little of the sauce and water until mixture is moist.

Fill pepper halves with meat mixture. Place in buttered or sprayed casserole dish. Pour remaining sauce over peppers. Bake covered at 350 degrees for 1 hr. Uncover (add cheese if you like) and bake 15 more minutes.


I use ground turkey that comes in a 1.3 lb package. This will make 6 stuffed peppers or 4 overstuffed peppers. {I also think the turkey mixes better than ground beef} I use the boil n bag brown rice and just use the entire bag. If you like your peppers more soft, cook an additional 30 minutes or so covered. 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Re-packing Breakable Items

Hi everyone! While packing up the Christmas decorations yesterday, I thought I'd share something with you. This has helped me SO much over the years and I really wanted to pass it on. I purchased my beloved Nativity Scene about 10 years ago the day after Christmas from Target. It's truly one of my favorite things to this day. Well, seeing how well it was packaged gave me a bit of anxiety the first time I took it out of the box. I wanted to keep it nice and unbroken as well as get it to fit back exactly. So I had an idea... I numbered the outside of the box, a number for each figurine. I then numbered the inside of the foam (where each was placed) with coinciding numbers to each figurine. That way each year I removed them, they would have their exact home when putting them back. No more guess work as to which small cut-out which figurine when to. This has made packing them back up each year a breeze!
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