Monday, April 30, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

This past Friday, April 27, we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary. Depending on how long you've been following me, you might remember that last year we found ourselves hiding out from tornadoes off and on all day. So yes, our 10 year anniversary was memorable, just not the kind we wanted. We sort of felt like it was taken away from us in a way. We are both VERY grateful though to have an opportunity to have many more. So of course this year felt like we needed to do something. Most years we don't do much. Some years we go on a trip. It just depends on what we feel like.  We went out for a nice dinner. I got an amazing gift from the Hubby along with beautiful coral roses. (He's till trying to determine what he wants.) We planted a few hanging baskets along our backyard fence along with a little starter garden of tomato, basil and lemon thyme.  Did some other shopping, relaxed, drank good wine, went to church on Sunday (outfit post to come later).

My gift! Louis Vuitton Azur Totally MM

Dinner outfit


  1. Happy anniversary! I love the new bag. That's one of my favorite LV patterns, perfect for summer. Patricia

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the new bag I just got the same bag for my birthday a few weeks ago. The hubby and I will be hitting 10 years this October. Congrats and stay blessed :-)

  3. Gorgeous bag. Would you do a photo post wearing the bag? I'm trying to determine the size when in use. Congrats on your anniversary! The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Yes, I'll try to remember next time I do an outfit of the day. I usually do them on the weekend when Hubby can take the pics. In the meantime, the LV website is a great place to see the different size bags on. There's a button to click if the bag comes in more than one size. That helped me. But I usually find the MM to be good - not too small, not too big. :)Thank you!


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