Sunday, June 03, 2012

Great Etsy finds!

Lately I've been somewhat of an Etsy stalker buyer. It's become my go-to when I want or need something. I'm amazed how big this site has grown in the past few years. I wanted to share a few of my latest cool gets with you. I have a few other pieces saved to my favorites. I tell ya, I'm addicted! Definitely let me know if you've come across something you think I might like. :)

Kindle Cover ~ I recently bought a Kindle and wanted a cover but didn't care for any in the stores. Immediately fell in love with these. {I'll show mine in a video soon} She has a great selection here.

via Linas Stitch

Business Card Holder ~ This is something I've been meaning to get but have put off until now. I just ordered this cute case {with my own initials of course}. Great colors and styles to choose from here. I like that the background design matches my blog. :)

via MonogramPOP

Gold Bar Necklace ~ I had seen this necklace in a few magazines. I thought it was cute and dainty and I don't own a ton of gold pieces. I wear this with a gold evil eye necklace I bought from Target a while ago.  She has a lot of cute things here.

via JewelryMadeByMaggie


  1. Cute items!I need to start shopping on there more.

  2. I love to shop Etsy when I want unique items. Fun finds! Love that necklace! Stacie xo


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