Monday, June 18, 2012

My Hair Color + tips for at home coloring

Many of you already know that I color my own hair. I have for many, many years. There have been times in between that I've gone to the salon to have it done - working 50 hrs per week, complicated color, etc. {My hair grows fast. I need it colored every 3-4 weeks.} I always seem to go back to doing it myself though. I've picked up some tips over the years that make the process easier. I've also tried 99% of all the hair color brands out there. This is a run down of what I've been using for quite a while and my process.

A little history first. I'm not a Cosmetologist. I have been to Cosmetology school though. I went for Aesthetics and Makeup. I did sit in on some hair classes. I ask questions at the salon. My Sister-in-Law has been a hair stylist for 20+ years.  I've always just had knack for hair. So, I've talked about and learned a lot about hair in my lifetime.

What I use: Garnier Color Cream in #51 Medium Ash Brown  I've used light brown before but it gets too brassy on me in the sun. I  used to use Natural instead of Ash. I think Natural covers gray better but I started to need the Ash for warmer months because my hair tends to get brassy in the sun really easy. I have to say that this brand covers gray the best IMO and has the most true color range.

~When using a bowl instead of the bottle applicator, mix everything in the bottle first and then pour into the bowl. I find this mixes the color better. {no need to break off the bottle tip with this method}

~I prefer using a bowl and brush. I find it covers better, is less messy and is quicker.

~When using brown shades, always go for a shade lighter than you think you want. Browns almost always tend to turn out dark at first. They will fade after a few washes. You can't go by the shades on the side of the box. You have to consider your current hair color and level.

~If you don't want any red tones, stay away from anything that says "golden" or "warm" on the box.

My Set Up: Bowl and brush from Sally's. A dry paper towel to sit the bowl on. A wet paper towel for cleaning up any messes {drops on counter, color on ears, forehead, etc}. A timer.  An old towel and a clip to hold it closed. You can also use a hair cape. I just find those hot and too much to mess with. I also wear an old tank top that I won't mind if color gets on it. I can also wear it around the house while the color sets.


  1. I bought this at the store yesterday Crystal based on your recommendation. I will be trying it tonight. Stacie xo

    1. I hope you like it! xo

      As far as adding me to your list, you may just need to copy my link to my home page of the blog and paste it. How did you do your others? If Jenn did it, you may need to ask her. :)

  2. I used vasoline around the hair line and ears before I started. it makes clean up easier and doesn't stain.


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