Friday, July 13, 2012

How-To: organize tanks, cami's & t-shirts

I've been asked before how I fold/store my t-shirts, tanks and cami's. I guess this comes from being a pretty organized person. I may have mentioned in my Closet Tour video that I keep these items in a dresser. Let me go ahead right now and admit that I'm sort of a t-shirt hoarder. I've tried to be better about this over the years and not buy as many. Still, my drawer is over-flowing and I have a problem. {I seriously cannot buy one more without tossing something.}  Now my obsession is solid color t-shirts. My style and brand of choice is Target. Old Navy used to make my favorite but not in a few years. The great thing about the Target {Mossimo} tee is that they come in tons of colors and they are $8! I do find that they often get tiny holes in them but at that price, I'm not complaining much. I've even got my Hubby wearing the men's version and he loves them and is even more picky about tees than I am.

As far as the tanks and cami's. I don't get much wear out of them anymore but I consider them staples and therefore don't toss them out. They come in handy for working out and wearing under sweaters in the winter.

Tanks and Cami drawer {cami's on the left, tanks on the right}

folded in half length wise, then half again...

...folded in half again

tees ~ folded each arm in, then half and half again {color coordinated by whites, neutrals, graphics, brights}


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  2. Great ideas on how to organize your tshirts. I always find this so difficult to do and usually change how I store them all the time. I used to have them in just a drawer like you but it always got so messy so I decided to hang them on hangers but there must be a better way!


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