Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lorac Femme Fatale Palette

I recently picked up this palette from Hautelook for $14. The palette has 10 shades and are a mix of matte and shimmer. They are not named. I thought it was a great price for the brand and number of shadows. I was however quite surprised when I opened the box to see this tiny palette that could literally fit in my hand. Simply saying, it's tiny!

Each shadow is about the width of my pinkie finger. It does come with a brush and the packaging is quite nice. As for the actual shadows, some were chalky and really hard to swatch. Some were nice. Overall, not the quality I'm used to with this brand. So far I'm not in love but will try to work with it for now. If you have the Urban Decay Naked or Naked2 palettes, pass on this one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Clean Jewelry Like A Pro

Hi there! I've been meaning to get this posted for quite some time now. I used to work in jewelry years and years ago. I picked up a few tips and tricks and wanted to pass this one along. Too many of you out there are waisting a trip to the jewelry store or just plain don't clean your jewelry. Here, I share with you how most of the pro's do it and now you can, too.

Please keep in mind I've had a cold/sinus/allergy issue for going on over a week now. So in the intro, I'm still looking a little rough, lol. ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Travel Giveaway! {CLOSED}

It's giveaway time!!!
I want to introduce you to a cool product to travel with. It's the CupCase. You can store your bras in it while traveling and they won't get crimped or crushed. It's a great way to discreetly pack your bras in your bag. You can also use CupCase for your swim suits, jewelry, nail polish or whatever else you can fit in it.
I'm giving away the Hot Pink one but they do come in 5 other colors if you'd like to order more.
The Rules~
1. Be a follower of this blog. {please let me know how you follow}
2. Be a subscriber to my YouTube channel.
3. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite travel destination.
4. You must be at least 18 years old 
5. Open to US residents only {sorry, there will be other giveaways}
6. Only one entry per person, please.
The Giveaway will be open until September 30, 2012. I will pick a winner at random and contact them.  Thank you for entering and good luck!  
*This is not a sponsored video. Item was purchased with my own money.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goin' Gold - L'Oreal Because You're Worth It

This polish post is dedicated to Goin' Gold - September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Elizabeth Struk was kind enough to ask if I would participate in this project. Fellow YouTubers and Bloggers are taking part by doing a video or blog post showcasing the color Gold. If you would like to make your own contribution using the color gold in some way, please do so. The more awareness we can bring, the better! Feel free to link yours in the comment section below.

You can find more information on the subject by visiting the Goin' Gold Facebook Page, watch other videos on their YouTube Channel, and follow them on Twitter.

I thought the name of this polish was appropriate for this post. This is a gold metallic with a hint of bronze. It did take three coats to get the color you see below. Like the other L'Oreal polishes I've reviewed, it applies nicely without streaking.
Because You're Worth It - L'Oreal

Monday, September 17, 2012

L'Oreal Rainy Piccadilly

Nail of the Day ~ Rainy Piccadilly, L'Oreal

Do you see a trend here? I've become a little obsessed with these L'Oreal polishes. While I find most of the colors very unique, I did spot a close dupe from the new Revlon Colorstay line. Right off, I have to say that this color was hard to photograph. It really only showed true to color with a flash. This is such a pretty shade of blue. I'd call it a true teal blue cream. This polish was part of the British Invasion collection. Not sure if it's limited edition.

One thing I must point out with this one though. It had a pretty bad scent with the first coat. I noticed it slightly with the second but it did go away {thankfully}. It was sort of a chemical smell that I have not noticed with any of the other L'Oreal polishes. *UPDATE - Since writing this post {before publishing} I've painted my nails a second time with this polish {yes, I like it that much}. I didn't notice the scent as much the second time around.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy Marinade

If you follow me on Instagram {MissCrysM} or Twitter, you've seen my pics on food. This grilled chicken salad is something the Hubby and I have been enjoying for the entire summer it seems. It's easy and light. I'm not a huge fan of fixing chicken but I've found a way to make it easy yet tasty. You obviously don't have to use the chicken on a salad. This is just showing how to make the marinade and how we've been eating it.

Easy Marinade

What You Need:
Dijon Mustard {any brand}
Garlic Salt
Balsamic Vinegar

Easy Grill Marinade

We pound the chicken breast thin because that's the way I like them best.
Sprinkle on the Garlic Salt, then add the Dijon Mustard. You can see how much I used but you can add to your own taste.

Next, splash on the Balsamic to each chicken breast and spread out the mixture. I use the back of a spoon. I found this to spread easier than a brush. Repeat on the other side. {both sides of the chicken}

Easy Marinade

Then you're ready to hit the grill! You could also make this marinade in a bowl and pour over chicken in a food storage bag and leave in the fridge until you're ready to use it. I've found it gives enough flavor making it right before we grill so I usually don't need to do it that way.

Here's the finished product, chopped and on our salads.

Easy Grilled Chicken Marinade

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos

This Maybelline Fall 2012 Scene on the Runway Collection has been one of the most talked about of the season so far. I know I had trouble finding it at first and still need two of the other colors from this collection. I found my display at Walgreens although it sounds like Rite Aid had it first.

I was really only interested in two of the four "earthy" tones but changed my mind the more I saw them mentioned. The two I'm swatching for you were my top two picks, thankfully. I'm also going to compare one with a popular Paint Pot from MAC.

Mossy Green is a deep olive/mossy green with slight gold shimmer.

Rich Mahogany is a dark rich brown with a reddish/orange shimmer.

I thought I'd compare Rich Mahogany with MAC's Constructivst Paint Pot because I thought they looked very similar in the pot and the Color Tattoo's are often compared to the staying power of the Paint Pot. At first I thought the Maybelline was going to be the more red of the two. After swatching, I was surprised to see how much more red the MAC looked. The MAC one has more of a metallic finish to it where the Maybelline is more of a sheen.

PS - let me know if you like the larger pictures. I go back and forth with picture size because sometimes they just seem too big but I know it's nice to have detail. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Essie No More Film

Nail of the Day ~ No More Film, Essie Resort Collection 2012

I first saw this polish on Pinterest. Well, I'm sure I actually saw it when it first came out back in the spring but passed on it then for some reason. To me, it screams more fall/winter than resort or spring/summer when the collection was actually released. It's a beautiful blue cream with a royal purple tone to it. It's a very unique color. Had I seen this prior to the Dior Blue Label, I might have passed on the Dior. This gives you that darkness but with the bright tone of purple to make it wearable.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

L'Oreal Jet Set To Paris

Nail of the Day ~ Jet Set To Paris by L'Oreal

I came about this color because I thought it was a true "Gator" blue. I see lots of blues but none this exact shade and without shimmer. I had passed it by a few times but finally I caved because it kept calling my name. I'm so glad I did. It's a beautiful royal blue cream. I did Instagram {MissCrysM} a picture of me wearing it with my Gator shirt. Looked pretty darn close.

Even if you're not a Gator fan, this is a great blue to own. I actually liked the way it looked on me and I'm pretty fussy with blue nail polish. These pictures are with two coats. I had a few bare spots on a couple of nails but I think it was my polish job. Like the other L'Oreal polishes I've picked up, this one applies very nice and wears well.
*Note: these pictures were taken two full days after application.

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