Sunday, September 09, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos

This Maybelline Fall 2012 Scene on the Runway Collection has been one of the most talked about of the season so far. I know I had trouble finding it at first and still need two of the other colors from this collection. I found my display at Walgreens although it sounds like Rite Aid had it first.

I was really only interested in two of the four "earthy" tones but changed my mind the more I saw them mentioned. The two I'm swatching for you were my top two picks, thankfully. I'm also going to compare one with a popular Paint Pot from MAC.

Mossy Green is a deep olive/mossy green with slight gold shimmer.

Rich Mahogany is a dark rich brown with a reddish/orange shimmer.

I thought I'd compare Rich Mahogany with MAC's Constructivst Paint Pot because I thought they looked very similar in the pot and the Color Tattoo's are often compared to the staying power of the Paint Pot. At first I thought the Maybelline was going to be the more red of the two. After swatching, I was surprised to see how much more red the MAC looked. The MAC one has more of a metallic finish to it where the Maybelline is more of a sheen.

PS - let me know if you like the larger pictures. I go back and forth with picture size because sometimes they just seem too big but I know it's nice to have detail. :)


  1. Oh wow! Now I want to buy more of these! Thank you so much for the swatches. That mossy green looks awesome!

    1. It's so pretty! Probably my favorite of the two so far. :)

  2. Those are so pretty! I only have the Barely Beige from this collection. I purchased the Moss and Mahogany for a friend and I might need to go back and get them for myself after seeing your swatches. Have a great week! Stacie xo

    1. They are so pretty, Stacie! I used both yesterday for a smokey sort of look. Loved them both, especially the green! xo

  3. That mossy green is so pretty!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Umm, I just noticed I'm listed in your blog roll missy! Thank u!
    Mossy green looks GORGEOUS. WE better get that shade in Canada soon. :)



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