Monday, December 31, 2012

New at the Drugstore 2

It's safe to say that the past few months new items have been flooding the drugstore. I picked up quite a few items while on my Christmas vacation {reviews coming soon}. You can check out those photos on my Instagram here. Over the weekend I found a new display of Maybelline products at my local Target. It also included the new The Rocket Mascara but I had already picked that up in my previous haul so I didn't take a pic. I also ran across a new huge hair care display by L'Oreal with some pretty great prices to boot.
*All photos were taken with my cell phone camera.

Instant Age Rewind The Lifter
~ Lifting Foundation + Smoothing Primer
~ 12 shades
~ Claims: Get firmer, lifted skin instantly
~ $11.99 at Target

My Thoughts: This isn't the first time I've seen a foundation with primer and it won't be the last. Immediately, the swirled design reminds me of the Stila primers. I think Almay may have something like this as well. I passed on this because I don't usually love Maybelline foundations. However, I may still give it a try at some point.

Instant Age Rewind The Perfector
~ Concealer + Vitamin C Treatment
~ 5 shades
~ Claims: Fights dark spots over time {4 weeks}
~ $8.49 at Target

~ Powder with Smoothing Primer
~ 6 shades
~ Claims: No caking
~ $8.49 at Target

My Thoughts: The "eraser" is the same concept as the one currently out. I have it but don't love it. Might be due to the shade. Who knows? I don't buy the claims of getting rid of dark spots. Most things on the market can't do that unless your issue is very minor. I passed on this as well. The powder looks promising though and at some point I'm sure I'll try it out. Anything that claims "no caking" is a bonus in my book.

Eye Studio Master Duo
~ First 2 in 1 glossy liquid liner
~ Thin or Thick Glossy Liquid Liner
~ Glossy Formula
~ 6 shades
~ Claims: Duel tip creates a thin precise line or use the flat side for a bold thick line
~ $6.99 at Target

My Thoughts: While I think the concept is unique and might actually work, I passed on this for one reason - glossy eye liner is a big fat no in my opinion. Enough said about this one.

Color Whisper by Color Sensational
~ Pure color pigments suspend in a weightless gel
~ No heavy waxes or oils
~ 20 shades
~ Claims: Sexy soft, see through color
~ $5.99 at Target

My Thoughts: Big surprise, another brand hopping on the lip butter/glossy balm craze. From looking at the website, these seem more like the L'Oreal Caresse line and will not have much pigment. I think I opened each one to look at the texture and shade. Each one looked very matte in the tube. This scared me off. Now I know a lot of lip products look this way when in fact they are quite the opposite. However, the few shades I thought about trying were out as you can see from the picture, so I passed. I did notice that the packaging is thinner than the regular Color Sensational lipsticks {those, I love}. It felt sorta cheap in my opinion.

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