Friday, February 15, 2013

OPI My Vampire Is Buff

Nail of the Day ~ My Vampire is Buff, OPI, Euro Centrale Collection 2013

As I've stated before, I did my homework on my four selections from this collection. I knew this one might be slightly streaky. I was ok with that. I feel like I've worked with enough "give me trouble" polishes over time that I can get past some streaks. So with that said, you will see a few streaks on my nails that have ridges. My ring fingers have always been the worst. These pictures are with two coats, the second being quite thick. I could have went with three thin coats but I was in a hurry that day.

I love this color though. It's a creamy nude beige with a very slight yellow undertone. To me, I didn't notice the yellow until painting it on my own nails. Because of that, I don't think this is the most flattering shade for me. I think medium to darker skin tones would love this though if you can get past the slight streaking.

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natural light
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

OPI Polka.Com

Nail of the Day ~ Polka.Com, OPI, Euro Centrale Collection 2013

This is one of the four polishes I picked up from the new Euro Centrale Collection. I should mention I've only been into glitter the past 6 months or so. I was excited for this one right away. I have to say disappointment soon set in after trying it though. I thought due to the color, it would be a darker based glitter. Nope, as you'll see in the pictures, not really any color except for the glitter itself. Speaking of the glitter, it's made up of turquoise, purple/indigo and hot pink chunky glitter with small flecks of the same purple/indigo mixed in.

Application. I had to put three coats on the nail with the OPI...Eurso Euro just to get some glitter pay-off. I also had to strategically place the glitter. On the naked nail, I used two coats. This is what I got. I was over it by that time. So my final thoughts are - it's very pretty in the bottle but doesn't have the same effect on the nails, especially nails without polish. I do like the look over a darker polish though.

natural light
with flash

Friday, February 08, 2013

OPI...Eurso Euro

Nail of the Day ~ OPI...Eurso Euro, Euro Centrale Collection 2013

The new collection from OPI just launched February 6, 2013. I was at my local Ulta by noon that day so I could get first pick. I have to say I've not seen a better collection in quite some time. Sure, there are always a few colors I like out of each, but this one really grabbed my attention.

Ok, let's start off by saying this is the star of the collection in my opinion - OPI...Eurso Euro. I love the name. When a new collection is released, I try to do my homework and look up swatches {since I'm not fortunate enough to get products pre-launch}. I knew this was numero uno on my list! It's beautiful, what can I say? It's a true indigo blue cream. I didn't have anything even close to it in my collection. To me, this one is very unique and a must-have from the collection. It shows up slightly more royal in some photos, but indigo was the first thing that came to mind. I did buy three other colors from the collection that I'll be sharing soon. Did you pick up anything from the collection?

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Cover Girl Pink-Finity

Nail of the Day ~ Cover Girl Pink-Finity

I'm always drawn to a light milky-pink nail polish. Some are good and others are so sheer I don't know why I bothered. This one from Cover Girl however, is a great one! It applied very opaque in two coats and wasn't streaky. That's hard to come by with some lighter colors. I do have to mention, if you have any ridges in your nails like I do, this will show them slightly. Not near as bad as others in this color range, but still wanted to mention that.

This is my second time trying the new Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant line. They claim to have a built-in top coat. I found this to be true. My nails were shiny after two coats of polish and the wear time was longer than most {4-5 days}. Of course that's going to differ with everyone depending on the length of your own nails and what you're doing. I still use a top coat on mine but these photos were taken prior to applying one.
*I do want to mention that several of you asked what polish I was wearing in a recent video. I was wearing the other Cover Girl color but gave the wrong name. The actual name is SO small that I didn't even notice it and gave out "Fait en France" which means "made in France", lol. I didn't think anything of it due to the color. I wouldn't think a CG nail polish would actually be made in France. The real name is Non-Stop Stone. Sorry for the error. I wouldn't have picked up on it had I not bought another bottle.

natural light
with flash

Since I love these shades so much, I wanted to compare the Cover Girl to three others in my collection that I thought were close dupes. I would say if you have either or both the China Glaze or L'Oreal colors, you don't need this one. I do find it applies better than the L'Oreal though.

LtoR: Cover Girl Pink-Finity, China Glaze Something Sweet, L'Oreal Penthouse Pink, OPI Pink Friday
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