Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Masters Brush Cleaner

After hearing a lot about this product over several months, I finally remembered to buy it and try it out. I bought mine at Michael's and paid just under $5.00 for it. It can be found with the art supplies and brushes at most craft stores. I was curious to see how well the cleaner actually worked and if it would make dreaded brush cleaning easier.

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver
- $5.00 {or less} at most craft stores
- 2.5 oz
- For Sable, Bristle and Synthetic Brushes

The claims on the package: A simple one-step total care process to keep your brushes performing like new! Developed in 1979 by an artist for artists. Makes cleaning, conditioning and preserving brushes a snap. Works on oils, acrylics, watercolors, varnishes, glazes and most synthetic finishes. Also restores most hardened brushes to "like new". Safe and easy to use because all you need is water.

Instructions: Rinse brush in warm water. Swirl in cleaner. Work into a lather. Rinse and repeat as needed.

To Condition and Preserve: Leave clear lather on bristles, shape brush and allow to dry. Shake dry powder off for next use.

To Restore: Clean as above. Work lather onto bristles and let set until bristles begin to soften. Repeat if necessary.

what the product looks like brand new
Since I was only using this product for makeup brush cleaning, I figured it would do a pretty good job considering all of it's claims for regular paint brush cleaning. I was most concerned with 1. how well it cleaned my "hard to clean" kabuki style foundation brushes and 2. would it actually soften a few older, more course brushes.

my Sigma F80 before cleaning
I have to say that it did a great job cleaning my brushes! With the two synthetic foundation brushes, I did have to cleanse twice. You see that the F80 still has slight darkness but that may have been my fault not totally cleaning it well. However, it got the other brushes including my F84 totally clean. I'm impressed! It was a super easy process although much like using my traditional method of baby shampoo. However, this was easier because I wasn't putting shampoo in the palm of my hand after each brush. So all in all, it was a little quicker and slightly less mess.

face and eye brushes after cleaning
As for the conditioning of my older, more course kabuki and blush brushes, they were better and softer but not like new. That's ok though. I wasn't expecting miracles and I'm happy with the results.

My main question is wondering how long the product will last. I cleaned 13 brushes at one time. I could noticeably see how much product I had used. I think it would depend on how often you deep clean your brushes {me, every 3-4 weeks} and what type of product you had on the brushes.

product after one use

Do you use The Masters Cleaner for brush cleaning?
If you'd like to see this product in action, I have a recent tutorial on my YouTube Channel that you can view here.


  1. I had never heard of this - it seems like an interesting product!

  2. I've heard a lot about this product recently too. I think I might pick it up next time I'm near Michael's after reading your review. Thanks Crystal! Stacie xo

  3. I wonder if it is safe to use for brushes meant for your skin.

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  5. I use this to clean my brushes as well, I have MAC brush cleaner but I always feel like I'm using so much of it & my hands feel so dry after as well. I really enjoy how the Masters cleans my brushes, I just have to make sure to take my time & rinse out all of the product well or they get stiff.

  6. I picked this up today, and plan to use it this weekend. It was $9.99 at my Michael's, but luckily I had a 40% off coupon.

  7. Do you know what the ingredients are? I've heard lots about this product, but I'm not comfortable using it on something that touches my face until I know what's in it. Thanks for any info!


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