Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cover Girl My Papaya

I have to say I loved this one from Cover Girl as well. I was a little unsure because it looked like it may have a slight shimmer in the bottle. However, that really doesn't translate to the nails. This is a beautiful pink-toned coral with a very slight shimmer. This one wears really great like all of the others I've tried so far from Cover Girl. I did compare two other corals from my collection just so you can see the true tone of this one. Pretty sure this will be one I'm wearing on my vacation.

*No sunlight photo due to no sun, lol. Also, you may notice a slight mark on my index finger. That was totally my fault for ironing my husband's shirt before taking pictures for the blog. ;)

with flash
natural light


  1. It looks very pretty! I may have to pick this one up. After trying Forever Festive, I decided I need more! I have Tangerine Crush and love that too! Have fun on your vaca!

  2. I just picked up this color yesterday and am wearing it too. I have picked up 6 different ones since your recommendations and from another blog. They were on sale buy 1 get 1 50 percent off plus bonus $ off. Couldn't pass up.

  3. I love these colors for polish! So pretty! I forgot to look at these CG polishes when I was at Walgreens yesterday. I guess I have to go back! Thanks for always sharing! Stacie xo

  4. What timing! I just picked this one and pink a boo pink up at Target this morning. Didn't notice the ahimmer until I got home. I kept my receipt until I decided if I really wanted them. I'll definitely keep the papaya.


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