Thursday, April 25, 2013

Essie First Timer

First Timer by Essie ~ Resort Collection 2013

I really had no desire to pick up any of these polishes from the Resort Collection. I must have had a weak moment or they looked better in person because I bought two from Walgreens on a recent visit. First Timer is the one I wanted to try first. I don't own many green polishes. I liked this one because it looked like mint green but a little deeper. In the bottle it looks just like that - a deeper mint green cream. However, on the nails with two coats, I find it to be darker. More like a grass green almost. The above picture looks like the true color on the nails with two coats.

While it's pretty, it's not what I was hoping for. The first coat applied a little streaky but the second coat looked good. It wore pretty well for about 4 days.

natural light
with flash


compairing to my other Mint Green - Minted from Revlon
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