Monday, May 06, 2013

Outfit: A Cool Spring Day

Blazer: JCP, Top: JCP, Pants: New York and Co, Heels: JG Hook, Necklace: J.Crew
If you're thinking it's been a while since you've seen an outfit post on here, you're right. Reason being, we've had an unusually cold and wet late winter/spring. Not great for taking pics or for fashion inspiration.

I chose this outfit for two reasons: it was chilly so I needed a jacket, and I've been slacking on self tanner so I wanted to wear pants. This is the first time wearing this top even though I bought it last spring. The blazer and pants are older but you can find those items pretty much anywhere. This is an outfit I would totally wear to work. In this case, I wore it to church. I was warm, comfy but slightly spring-y feeling with the pop of bright yellow. I realize I need to hem my pants about an inch but have been too lazy. ;)


  1. Great color combination! I think a white blazer-type of jacket is a staple in the warmer months!

  2. Pretty! I need more blazers in my life.

  3. Are those pants from NY & C the ones that kindof look like jeans but are dressy? Or are they navy blue? I love them and buy all of my work pants there.

  4. @Essie Rae - they are really lightweight. Not denim. Yes, they are navy but have a sheen to them. I bought them a couple of years ago. They have the same style but not sure about the color.:)


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