Friday, June 21, 2013

Essie in the cab-ana

Nail of the Day ~ in the cab-ana by Essie, Resort Collection 2013

This is one of two polishes I picked up from this collection. You can see my post on First Timer here. Truthfully, this one has been sitting on my vanity since I bought them both. Just staring at me. I liked it in the store. I like it when I see it on others. Once I got it home, I started to re-think it. I have a hard time with blue polishes. Something about this one wasn't setting right with me. Once I got it on my nails I figured out why. It's a little "young" for me and my style I think. I look at it one minute and love it. The next time I think I look like a 10 year old, lol.

It's a beautiful teal blue cream color. However, I don't think it photographs real well. The above picture is the truest color. Another thing, it's one of those polishes that appears deeper {to me} on the nails than in the bottle. Personally, I could live without this one.

natural light

with flash
in sunlight


  1. That's pretty! I have a hard time with blue polishes as well. I keep buying them in hopes I'll find one that I love.

  2. That is a gorgeous color! I haven't purchased it though for the reason that you mentioned. I think I'm too old to pull it off. I wonder how it looks on the toes instead? Have a great week Crystal! Stacie xo

  3. Love this color - I think I need this one!


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