Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cover Girl Midnight Magic

natural light 
Well Cover Girl, you keep impressing me with these Outlast Stay Brilliant polishes. This is one of several new ones I picked up recently. They have some new shades in the regular display. One even looks like it could be a very close dupe to my all-time favorite - Chanel Paradoxal.

So not only do I love the formula of these polishes {they never let me down}, but now I'm glad to see some new, more funky shades. This one is called Midnight Magic. I think the name fits perfectly. At first glance, it looks like a silver blue with green-yellow micro glitter. Once on the nails and in certain lighting, it almost looks like a duo-chrome. I can see a pinkish-purple base to it. Reminds me a little of MAC's Club Eye Shadow {for you fellow makeup buffs}. Really loving this one!

with flash

sunlight {i nicked the middle finger while putting on my topcoat}


  1. I have this nail polish on as well...love it!

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    xx, Edda

  3. another to add to my list! looks great on you Crystal.

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