Sunday, September 29, 2013

CoverGirl The Hunger Games Catching Fire Violet Flicker

Over the weekend I spotted a new display at CVS of CoverGirl Glosstinis. The display was part of The Hunger Games Catching Fire Collection. There will be 12 looks from the collection with glosses, shadows, etc.  I think I counted 9-10 of these polishes and they were in a separate display.  I picked up three, the colors I thought I'd like or get the most use out of. There was also a red, orange and yellow, but those didn't appeal to me. I posted a picture of the ones I purchased on Instagram.

Violet Flicker is a pink/purple base with fuchsia and blue glitter. I was excited for this one but once on the nails, it's very sheer. These pictures are with two coats. A pretty color but not much coverage. Surprising considering the regular line is very opaque.

natural light
with flash


  1. I'm glad you posted this. I would have picked it up because of how it looked in the bottle too. Not a big fan of sheer nail polish :(

  2. Pretty shade - maybe try it over something?

  3. it would probably look amazing over white or black np- I got this one today, so here's hoping!


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