Monday, October 07, 2013

CoverGirl The Hunger Games Catching Fire Scalding Emerald

Hi everyone! This is the third and last polish of the three I picked up from this collection. If you'd like to see the first two, you can see them here.  Violet Flicker and Black Heat 

This was another disappointment. So if you're following along, two out of the three were duds. However, Scalding Emerald would make a great glitter topcoat! It's a little shear for my taste on its own. I decided to show you what one and two coats looks like on the same hand. The first two nails are with one coat, the others with two coats.

In certain lighting, it takes on a green/brown/purple duo-chrome look. Very cool as I said for a topcoat. It's more of a micro-glitter, which is pretty. The base just isn't opaque enough. Have you tried any from this line?

natural light

in sunlight

with flash


  1. I like the complexity of this polish. Yes, it does take 2-3 coats to cover and it is quite sheer but I found it reflects light and gives off a multichrome effect as the payoff. Wearing it today and I was happily surprised that I enjoyed it more on the nail than in the bottle. Surprised that a polish this complex is a drug store brand, but I didn't have high expectations, since I have only tried one of their regular line of polish and these are my intro to the Gloss-tinis line. Only wish they came in bigger sized bottles.

  2. Hey, so this is ridiculously long after the original post date, but I've used this polish for a while now and I LOVE it. If I put on 4-5 coats, it goes completely solid. It's green head-on and dark brown at an angle and I wish it weren't a special edition color - I may end up hoarding it.


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