Monday, November 18, 2013

November Ipsy Bag Review

All bags are slightly different depending on your own beauty profile you fill out on the site. Some items are the same brand but colors will vary. The monthly subscription is $10. 

Here's what my bag had in it:

1. .em Michelle Phan Creamy Color Sheer Lipstick - Nude - full size - $16.50
2. Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon - Hot Damn - full size - $14.00
3. Nailtini - Champagne - full size - $13.00
4. bh cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow from the Galaxy Chic Palette - Aphrodite - not for individual sale
5. Pixi Beauty - Beauty Bronzer - Subtly Suntouched - full size w/out brush - $18.00
6. Starlooks - Gem Eye Pencil - Topaz - full size - $14.00
Total = $75.50

Hi everyone! Let me start by saying this may be my last Ipsy bag. Not that this was a bad bag or that I've had bad luck with them. I'm just getting bored with it honestly. I do like the idea of trying new products that I might not have otherwise looked at but overall, it's lost the excitement for me. Not to mention, I only use a few items out of each bag and all those little bags are piling up!

 Lip Products -  I like the Nude lipstick from .em Michelle Phan. It's a nice sheer color and nice formula. I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it. The lip crayon is just so-so for me because of the color. I like brights but this one doesn't really suit me.

Face and Eye Products - I actually like both of these. The baked shadow has pretty good color payoff and would be a great fall or holiday look. From what I could tell from the website, it's only available in the Galaxy Girl Palette though. Pixi is calling this a bronzer but as you can see, it's too light for that. Would make a great blush or highlight though. On the website it's shown with a kabuki brush included in the price.

I don't care for this pencil and not sure who could really use it. Of course there are the times that call for a very metallic look but I don't see me using this anytime soon. Or ever. 

Nail Polish - Now as most of you know by now, I'm sort of a nail polish lover/hoarder, whichever you like to say. This is the second time I've received this brand and I have to say I'm not wowed. Maybe it's the bottle? Take that back. Pretty sure it's the bottle. Just looks cheap to me and not inviting. This color is pretty but I know from experience it doesn't work well with my skin tone. 

Overall thoughts - I think I pretty much summed it up in the descriptions. Like usual, some products are nice, some I wouldn't use at all. Not bad for $10 per month though. 


  1. I got almost the exact same things as you, except I got the .em mascara instead of lipstick. I loved almost all of it, but my colors were more neutral shades. These I can get a lot of wear out of. If I got the colors you did, I wouldn't be happy. I also got the nail polish in the same color as you. It's not the best product, but I will use it. The only thing I hated was the eye liner. It was a bright silvery purple. Who in the world would wear that?

  2. Wait, you get all that for $10? Sorry you felt "meh" about it, but I'm intrigued!

  3. I got the same items from pixi, starlooks, bombshell (different color), bh cosmetics shadow and the nail polish. My item from .em is a mascara one friend on FB got it as well. She says it is awful. I don't know if I'm even going to open the box. I too am not sure about this bright, metallic color pencil from starlooks. I'm in my mid 50s. Don't think that will look too good on me! I've been blah about ipsy the last few times, about how I did when I gave up on Birchbox. I'll give it a couple more months.


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