Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bathroom Vanity Organization Ideas

Hey everyone! In today's post I'm sharing with you some of my favorite organization for the Bathroom Vanity. I know this area can sometimes be hard to deal with and products end up all over the place. I'm going to share two specific pieces that have really been game changers for me in this area.

First is the turn table, spinning carousel, lazy susan, whatever you would like to call it. GET ONE! This has been great at containing all of my hair products. Some I use everyday and others just once in a while depending on what I'm doing to my hair. I used to have these products in a plastic bin and that just wasn't working any longer. This way I can see everything I have and it's easy to spin it around to get to each product.

I use these all over my house - the pantry for spices and oils, my makeup vanity area for foundations, you name it. It just made sense to try it with hair products.

Next would be this two tiered sliding shelf. They come in a few different sizes but this works great for housing smaller bottles. As you can see here, I use the bottom half for my self tanners and lotions. The top half is for my most-reached for products and those items I may need once in a while but don't want to lose track of.

Here is an overview of my side of the vanity. My Husband and I have separate sides. This helps me to be able to spread out all of my products. Luckily, this space is nice and wide. If I were dealing with a more narrow space, I'd utilize more vertical space and use a two-tiered turn table along with more of the pull out shelves.

I go through everything in a little more detail in my video. The turn table and wire pull out shelf came from Bed Bath Beyond. Target also carries the turn tables but I don't find them to spin as easily. BBB also has more sizes.


  1. I think I need to try a lazy susan inside by cabinet to see if it can help me with my hair products too. I need help in the organizing area so bad, like every 2 months or so. I'm going to look at BBB or Container Store next week after vacation. Thanks Crystal! Stacie xo

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