Thursday, July 27, 2017

Morning Skincare Routine | Over 40

A little backstory on my skin... I have aging, hormonal acne, sensitive skin. Sounds great, right? It's not fun trying to keep up with my ever changing skin but for several months now, these products have been working and I'm seeing my skin in a better place. I also suffer from small to large milia on my chin. Those are bumps under the skin but are not acne. (they can appear like acne though because they change the texture of skin) Milia have to be professionally removed or treated with chemical and physical exfoliators. I'll explain more on that in my nighttime routine.

Step 1: Exfoliate

I've changed up my skincare slightly over the past few months. I have to do this from time to time when my current routine is no longer working. I'll often incorporate new products but always find myself going back to old faithful's as well. This exfoliating polish by Lancer is game changing! It's a new product for me. I've tried all the major brands of physical exfoliators out there. This one doesn't even compare! It feels like a microdermabrasion treatment you'd get in a professional skincare office. Starting out each morning with this polish has seriously made my skin so much softer and the texture is less noticeable. Tip: a little goes a long way so don't use too much and waste it since the cost is a bit higher. 

Step 2: Cleanse

I've used this cleanser off and on for several years now. I believe this is my second bottle. A little goes a long way. I like it because it has a small amount of Salicylic Acid but doesn't dry out my skin. Salicylic is great for unclogging pores and keeping acne at bay. I suffered from cystic acne in my 20's. Got over that and now I'm blessed with the occasional hormonal acne. All of these steps (plus evening care) are helping keep it in check. 

Step 3: Treat

After I've cleansed my face, I apply this eye cream. Several years ago my under eye area was dryer than the rest of my face so I started using one. Now it's like a habit I can't break. I have sensitive eyes and this doesn't bother me. I've had a few favorites over the years but always go back to this one. It has a nice but subtle pink tinted sheen. Great for brightening! 

I've also bragged about this Vitamin C Serum for several years. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and helps to brighten and tighten the skin plus promote collagen. Again, I've tried many other popular brands but I never see results or they irritate my skin. This one is great without a high price point! 

Step 4: Moisturize

As I've gotten older, my skin has become more reactive and more sensitive. This moisturizer is great because it provides just enough hydration without being greasy or irritating my skin. I've used many products from the Origins line over the years and you really can't go wrong with any of them. Like I said, I always go back to them when my skin is freaking out or I just need something simple but also works. 

*thank you to Origins for providing some of these products. This is not a sponsored post. All other products purchased by me. The Origins products are just replacements for the same products I had already purchased.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Round 2

Hi everyone! I just posted my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Try On video so be sure to check it out to see how everything fits, what I'm keeping and so forth.

As I mentioned in the first post (you can read that here), I did make a second and third order. I'm still waiting on my third to arrive today. In the meantime, I wanted to break each category down for you and make it easier to shop and see things. Again, please refer to the video if you'd like to see what actually worked.

Beauty Items 
(I didn't purchase these during the sale but actually already own them and recommend)





Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you're like me but this time of year I go between getting sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but then thinking about all the good stuff I can buy, lol. So I thought I'd just share what I bought this morning online during Early Access for Nordstrom card holders. {that's why I became a card holder a few years ago}

If you're not familiar with the Sale, every year Nordstrom puts a lot of their brand new Fall/Winter merchandise on sale. We're talking major discounts! Some as much as 50% off!!! It's not just clothing either. Mens, Womens, Home, Accessories, Shoes, you name it! I suggest starting with a category like shoes and search that entire category and move on. That's what I did and each time I found something, I added it to my cart and then did a final look before checking out. I'm sure I'll place more than one order though. :) *edited to add I've already placed a second order. 

Early Access for card holders: July 13-20. The public sale is July 21-August 6. You can browse the online catalog here. Items tend to sell out quickly so be sure to snag what you want early! If you're not sure on a size, order both!

You can shop my picks directly below. Or shop the entire sale here

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