Friday, August 10, 2018

Event Ready With Baggallini Clear Compliant Bags

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing how I'm event ready with Baggallini's NEW clear event compliant bag. I'm sure by now you've heard about the new rules with stadiums and events requiring you to have a clear bag. Well, this my friends couldn't come at a better time for those fall Football Games and Concerts. I have the Pocket Crossbody but it also comes in a smaller Bryant Pouch size. I am loving this bag and have no fear about what bag I'm going to be taking to upcoming events.

The Bag comes in 7 colors, has an outside snap pocket and a larger zip area. The strap is adjustable and comfortable just like my other Baggallini bags. If you follow me on my Instagram or YouTube Channel, you've seen me rocking my favorite Baggallini bag for travel. I love it because it has tons of room, it's comfortable to carry, but most of all, it's water resistant! It was perfect on my recent trip to Scotland and last year on our Alaskan Cruise.

The Pocket Crossbody I'm wearing is $29.95 and the Bryant Pouch is $19.95. Both come in other colors and can currently be purchased on the Baggallini website. Thank you to Baggallini for collaborating and sponsoring this post. 


  1. Oh my God, that bag suits all your outfits. But does it only suit casual wear? Because I only see you with this Bag in casual dresses. Moreover, do you know any cheap Baggallini Coupon Codes? I really want to buy Baggallini but is is damn expensive everywhere.

    1. Hi, I would only use this bag for casual outfits. Actually this bag is only sold on the Baggallini website currently and the price is under $30, which is really great!

  2. I went to this place with local friends and we had a blast here. The long happy hour at Chicago venues definitely ensures a full upstairs, but I'd recommend the quieter downstairs to enjoy your stuffed burger and fries!

  3. One is of course the fact that the purses are made from durable and good quality materials in the first place, so they last long.


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