Hi there, welcome!
I'm Crystal, a Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber/Blogger

In the summer of 2010, my Husband's job moved us to north Alabama. We have loved living in the South! Previously we lived in Central Florida, where I had lived for almost 20 years. I was born and raised in Indiana and try to get back there to visit family at least once a year.

Because of my background in Makeup and Skincare, I still love all things beauty and sharing my tips and experience. My Blog and YouTube channel started with makeup and beauty products. In recent years it's turned into so much more and really shows that I'm about more than just makeup. I love organization, home decor, recipes, books, travel and fashion, etc.

Thanks for joining me!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Crystal, I am from Australia new to your channel and blog.
    I really enjoy your channel, you are so down to earth, I appreciate all your advice and topics.


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